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About Our Firm

Malone Legal, PLLC, is owned and managed by Laura Fitzgibbon. Unlike many other family law practitioners, the attorneys at Malone Legal maintain limited caseloads in order to provide optimal representation to each client. 

Our firm currently serves the communities located in King County, Snohomish County, and Pierce County. We are centrally located in downtown Bellevue, Washington. 

What sets our firm apart:

  • Honesty: We provide honest case assessments. Rather than telling clients what they want to hear, we provide realistic evaluations based on each case's unique facts. Many firms will amplify conflict to try to increase billable hours; however, our firm always puts the client's best interests first. 
  • Respect: We always show respect for our clients, even if we may disagree at times. We understand that litigating a family law case may be the worst experience that someone has ever been through, and we strive to show compassion and empathy through each phase of the case. 
  • Consistency: Changing attorneys can be a frustrating process, especially given the sensitive nature of family law. It can be emotionally taxing having to go through your entire relationship history repeatedly. Certain firms have high attorney turnover which may result in a lapse of representation. When turnover happens, a new attorney needs to get up to speed with your case. Despite many firms promising that they will not bill you for the transition, often times you will see inflated costs associated with the new work performed by the substituting attorney. At Malone Legal, you will work your case from start to finish with the same attorney. 
  • Experience: You would be amazed with how few family law attorneys have actual hands-on courtroom experience. When interviewing a potential attorney, you should ask them: (1) how many trials have they conducted; (2) their level of familiarity with the rules of evidence; and (3) whether they have been in the courtroom on a daily basis during their career. 

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