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QUESTION #1: What areas in Washington do you serve?

ANSWER: We serve cases which will be litigated in King County, Snohomish County, and Pierce County.

QUESTION #2: Are you accepting new clients?

ANSWER: Yes. We do have a caseload limit and will update our website accordingly. 

QUESTION #3: Are you operating virtually?

ANSWER: We have a hybrid model and maintain a physical office located in Bellevue, Washington. 

QUESTION #4: How much do you charge?

ANSWER: Our attorney hourly rate is $300/hour. Typically our retainer is $5,000; however, this may change depending on your needs. We carry a number of legal insurance plans, please check with us to see if your plan coverage is included. 

QUESTION #5: Do you offer consultations?

ANSWER: Yes, we offer free thirty minute consultations. 

QUESTION #6: I have a hearing next week, can you take my case?

ANSWER: That depends on the nature of your hearing, our current deadlines, and the type of evidence that needs to be acquired for the hearing. 

QUESTION #7: I don't have my case documents, will that be a problem?

ANSWER: No, we can order all of the previous filings from the Court. 

QUESTION #8: If I hire you, do I have to appear at the hearings?

ANSWER: Not usually; however, there are exceptions for contempt hearings. 

QUESTION #9: Can my significant other, friend, or parent attend our meetings?

ANSWER: Yes; however, there would no longer be attorney-client confidentiality in the meeting. If the significant other, friend, or parent was called by the Opposing Party, then they could be asked about the conversation that occurred during our meeting. 

QUESTION #10: If I hire you, do I have to talk to my ex?

ANSWER: That depends. We can require that all legal discussions occur through counsel; however, frequently co-parenting may require frequent communications between the parents themselves. If you are concerns for your safety or feel harassed by your ex, then we can always pursue a protection order to prohibit all contact. 

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